From Range Ridin’ to Soul Seekin’

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From Range Ridin' to Soul Seekin'

Are you looking for a book that will encourage, equip, challenge, and inspire you to live a more fruitful Christian life? If you haven’t noticed, the world desperately needs YOU to be an effective servant of the Lord. And you absolutely can be, even if you have failed or doubted yourself in the past. The author, James Scott, wants you to know that you do not have to be a mega-church pastor, seminary graduate, or famous author to faithfully get the job done for God and help advance the Kingdom of Christ right where God has planted you. This unique book, “from RANGE RIDIN’ to SOUL SEEKIN, ‘” showcases how a normal, everyday cowboy was called by God to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. As the title suggests, James wasn’t born to any sort of prominent position in society. He was busy riding fences, roping cows, and living the “romantic,” but mundane life of a cowboy in Wyoming and Montana. James got saved by God’s grace, just like anyone else (details provided). But then James was set in motion by God in unimaginable ways.

“Never let failure be the last thing you experience, but let it play a part in shaping you into who you are meant to be. You’re realization that a person may not be in heaven simply because you did not share Christ with them, should make you want to be much more effective at sharing the Gospel.”

In this book, you will get a first-hand account of how God’s call came into James’ life, and how best to respond when God calls YOU to serve Him as well. Through trial and error, guidance from God, help from a mentor or two, and plenty of Bible doing (different from mere Bible “study”), James has mastered the art of loving and reaching people for Christ. He addresses many of the big questions in life, such as: calling, purpose, mission, and Kingdom. But he also provides pinpoint, incredibly practical advice on evangelism and discipleship. So many other books on the topic just provide generic, one-size-fits-all treatment of the Great Commission. James, in contrast, gives separate and detailed instructions on how best to witness to your family, friends, casual acquaintances, and then total strangers. James provides many stories, all completely true and unembellished, about his experiences in the trenches.

“But if you are out there day after day sharing and trying to lead others to Christ, your tanks gets empty fairly quickly. You must fill up your spiritual gas tank often. Good sermons (and books) will do that for you.”

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